Eco-Crimes: Ozone Killer

The starting point of the film is the research, carried out by an environmental organisation in London. Detailed documentation shows FCKW being smuggled into Europe and North America, although FCKW production was already forbidden in 1987, by the Montreal Protocol of world organisation. This film brings to light that despite this milestone in international politics having been achieved, illegal business with FCKW is not unusual, and thus the protective Ozone layer is being further damaged.

Director: Thomas Weidenbach

Thomas Weidenbach (1962) was working as a freelancer journalist before he studied geography. Nowadays he is working as an author, director and producer for TV documentaries and TV magazins in the field of science. IN 2005 he established his own company “LÄNGENGRAD Filmproduktion GmbH”.

Director: Heinz Greuling

44 Min.
Director: Thomas Weidenbach, Heinz Greuling
Script: Heinz Greuling, Thomas Weidenbach
Cinematography: Steffen Bohn, Michael Kern
Editing: Marc Schubert
Music: Oliver Keidel
Editor: Andrea Ernst (WDR/ARTE), Daniele Jörg
Awards: Best Story 2009
Nominations: Best Story 2009,
Best Film 2009
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