Ivo – die nicht autorisierte Biografie eines Zoogorillas

This documentary shows the moving story of 18 year old gorilla Ivo at Berlin Zoo. As told by the people who have become involved in his life. Ivo is a spezial gorilla because he has a few very close relationships with people, especially with women. All the people of his life have their own personal view of Ivo. Put together, these intimate and sometimes hilarious anecdotes create the personal biography of Ivo. Slowly the pieces of Ivo´s life come together and we are given an insight into the nature of his existence.

Director: Annick van Wijk

Ivo is the first documentary by dutch director/ producer Annick van Wijk (1970). Annick has worked for several television programma as a director and researcher. Most recently for history programs. She now works on new film projects concerning the relationship between man and animal.

54 Min.
Director: Annick van Wijk
Script: Annick van Wijk
Cinematography: Rogier Timmermans
Editing: Peter van Houten
Music: Jeroen Goeijers
Nominations: Best Story 2009
Website URL: www.ivofilm.nl/