On the Trail of the Fox

The story is about the crew who came over all Europe to get the lifestyle of the fox and try to get in touch with one of them in order to act in the movie “The fox and the child” (Luc Jacquet). A fascinating story between men and wild animals. Is it possible that a fox, a wild and untrustworthy animal, could become such a friend to man that it could actually be the protagonist of a film?

Director: Jérôme Bouvier

[translate:] Kameramann und Regisseur Jérôme Bouvier hat bisher an einigen Dokumentationen über Natur und Tiere gearbeitet. Er arbeitet mit Luc Jacquet, dem Regisseur der „Reise der Pinguine“ und „Der Fuchs und das Mädchen“ zusammen.

52 Min.
Director: Jérôme Bouvier
Script: Jérôme Bouvier
Cinematography: Cyril Barbancon, Jérôme Bouvier, Jérôme Maison, Pierre Mazard
Music: Bernard Montrichard
Narrator: Jaques Gamblin
Editor: Samuel Mortain, Soazil Veillon
Nominations: Best Camera 2009,
Best Film 2009
Website URL: www.bonnepioche.fr/