Smalltalk Diaries

Young tv viewers are invited to get up close and personla with the mini-beasts that live all around them from a funny but factual series that combines film-making techniques honed on nature blockbusters, clever graphics and a hitherto secret invention: The Translation Lens, a device that allows us to understand the thoughts of these amazing animals.

Director: Martin Dohrn

Martin Dohrn is an award-winning cameraman/producer who has been making wildlife films for 20 years. He set up Ammonite 16 years ago and after producing several ground-breaking “blue chip” documentaries he felt that the younger audience was being left out and started work on Smalltalk Diaries, a series that took several years to bring to the small screen.

United Kingdom
15 Min.
Director: Martin Dohrn
Script: Richard Webb, Ben Ward, Martin Dohrn
Cinematography: Martin Dohrn, Jonathan Jones, Michael Sanderson
Music: Simon Sleath
Editor: James Taggart, Claire Berry
Awards: Audience Award Best Short Film for Kids 2009
Nominations: Audience Award Best Short Film for Kids 2009
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