Spirits of Orchid Island

For a thousand years, the Tao people of Orchid Island have followed ancient taboos that protect both forest and ocean from overuse. A huge variety of fish and numerous seasnakes cruise the island’s reefs, while many rare birds, butterflies and reptiles thrive in lush jungles. The Tao still harvest the sea from handmade boats, while many old customs and ceremonies survive, despite the modernizing influence of nearby Taiwan. Syaman Rapongan, a highly-respected Tao writer, reveals his tribe’s deep respect for all living things and the spirits that watch over them as he builds a traditional boat to fish from.

Director: Nick Upton

Nick Upton has been researching, directing, writing and producing wildlife/animal-human interaction films for a wide variety of broadcasters in Europe/ USA/ Asia since 1987. Leaving zoological research, his TV career began in 1987 at the BBC as Series researcher/ Assistant Producer on David Attenborough´s “Trial of Life” series. From 1991-2001 he was producer/ Head of Natural History at Green Umbrella Ltd. Making wildlife films for the BBC, National Geographic TV and many public serviced broadcasters in the USA and Europe.

53 Min.
Director: Nick Upton
Script: Nick Upton
Cinematography: Syaman Yeh-hai Chang
Music: Matthew Lien
Editor: Min-chi Tu
Website URL: www.offthefence.com/content/programme.php?ID=662&C