The Return of the White Lion

Tales of the existence of white lions have been passed through four centuries of African folklore. But today no white lions exist in the Timabavti range where they originated. That is, until a team of conservationists brings one special lioness and her three cubs out of captivity and into the natural habit of their origins.

Two years into the project, Linda has achieved much of what she set out to do but the hunting policy hasn’t changed and the genetic marker hasn’t yet been identified – meaning the white lions are still not a protected sub-species. Whilst this challenge still remains, Marah’s legacy lives on as her daughter produces the white cubs, and the brothers are ready to breed with the tawny lionesses. Linda continues to fight for the protection of these magical lions and looks forward to the day when it will be safe for her lions – and all white lions – to roam freely in the Greater Timbavati Ecosystem.

Director: Peter Lamberti

Peter Lamberti: Peter and Aquavision have won many prominent awards; including the prestigious Golden Horn Award for Best Wildlife Documentary this year at the annual SAFTA´s (South African Film and Television Awards) for „Deadly Summer“. A spectacular documentary on Tiger Sharks „Dive to Tiger Central“ received spezial mention at the SAFTA and was the premier show used by Discovery Channel in the United States to kick start at the 20th Anniversary Shark Week series in July.
Aquavision clients include Discovery Channel, Animal Planet, National Geographic, NHK (Japan), ZDF and NDR (Germany). The company shoots, masters and delivers all their current programmes in High Definition (HD) – one of the first companies in Africa to do so; and it ist he most prolific production company in terms of international distribution.

Director: Kira Ivanoff

[translate:] Kira Ivanoff arbeitet als Regisseurin und produzierte bisher drei Naturfilme. Peter Lamberti produziert seit vielen Jahren Tierfilme und gewann bereits zahlreiche Festivalpreise. Mit seiner Filmproduktion Aquavision ist er unter anderem für Discovery Channel, National Geographic, ZDF und NDR tätig.

South Africa
50 Min.
Director: Peter Lamberti, Kira Ivanoff
Script: Kira Ivanoff
Cinematography: Riaan Venter, Francois Botha, Herbert Brauer, Grant Nelson
Editing: Este Nortje
Music: Ben Willem
Narrator: tba
Editor: Simone Carr