Wild Russia (Part 3) – The Arctic

Russias arctic regions stretch from the White Sea the Bering Strait. On The Wrangel Island large groups of polar bears await the arrival of the wallrusses for hunting. But they know how to fight.

Director: Uwe Anders

Born 02. june1962 in Wolfenbüttel. 1982 school-leaving examination at the Lessinggymnasium Braunschweig. Main courses biology and german.
From 1984 study of biology at Technical University Braunschweig (zoology / ecology / microbiology / soil analysis). 1991 diploma at the TU Braunschweig, main work in zoology / ecology (analysis of courtship flight of with slow-motion camera )
From 1992 cameraman / nature filmmaker, in the first years also nature photographer.
First filmwork for the “Institute of scientific Film” (IWF/Göttingen) and the ZDF/Mainz, from 1996 mainly for NDR and NDR naturefilm

Married to Christine, two children Linn and Tim (9 and 7 years old)

44 Min.
Director: Uwe Anders
Script: Uwe Anders
Cinematography: Uwe Anders
Editing: Mario Schöppler
Music: Kolja Erdmann
Narrator: Christian Brückner
Editor: Wolf Lengwenus (NDR), Jörn Röver (NDR Naturfilm)
Awards: Best Film 2009
Nominations: Best Score 2009,
Best Camera 2009,
Best Film 2009
Website URL: www.studio-hamburg.de/