A Moment of Clarity

Introduced predators are destroying the balance of New Zealand’s Southern Beech Forests. Rattus, rattus, is forced to understand a new way of life and shows you how he sees the forest he calls home. The beauty of the forest, home to many native animals, is shown from a fresh perspective, letting you question preconceived opinions and how ecology dictates sustainability.

Director: Louise Davidson

Louise Davidson: Louise has grown up travelling the world but calls New Zealand home. Louise studied Ecology, Design Studies and Film & Media at the University of Otago, New Zealand. Louise constantly strives to show the world to others through fresh eyes, with help from an understanding of the power of Film.

Director: Sarah Cowhey

Sarah Cowhey: Born and bred in Limerick, Ireland, Sarah studied Zoology in University College Dublin. After spending a month in Kenya on an Ecology Course with the Tropical Biology Association, she had been bitten by the travel bug. She moved to New Zealand to attend the University of Otago’s Natural History Filmmaking and Communications course. Currently she works at NHNZ Ltd. in New Zealand, as a Production Assistant.

New Zealand
24 Min.
Director: Louise Davidson, Sarah Cowhey
Script: Sarah Cowhey, Louise Davidson
Cinematography: Sarah Cowhey, Louise Davidson
Editing: Sarah Cowhey, Louise Davidson
Music: Chris Miller & “The Nomad”
Narrator: Ben Truman
Editor: Sarah Cowhey, Louise Davidson
Nominations: Audience Award Best Short Film 2009
Website URL: www.salufilms.com/