Cork – Forest in a Bottle

If the stopper of your bottle of wine is made of cork, it probably came from the bark of one of the ancient cork oak trees from the Montados, in Portugal. This portrait reveals one of the last places in Europe where sustainable economy still dovetails with nature.

Director: Paul Morrison

Paul Morrison is a presenter and public speaker, including radio, television and adventure travel. Paul has written and photographically illustrated numerous natural history books. During his media career with the BBC History Unit Paul has worked as researcher, assistant producer and producer.

Director: Mike Salisbury

Mike Salisbury has been at the BBC Natural History Unit for over thirty years. He started working with Sir David Attenborough as an assistant producer on „Life on Earth“ and since then produced numerous programmes for series such as „Wildlife on One“ and „The Natural World“. These include the award winners „Through Animal Eyes“ and „Kingdom of the Ice Bear“ a three part series about Arctic wildlife ans conservation. In recent years Mike has been the Executive Producer on all of David Attenborough´s landmark series such as „The Private Life of Plants“, „The Life of Birds“, „The Life of Mammals“ and most recently „Life in the Undergrowth“, which won the Golden Panda Award at Wildscreen 2006.

United Kingdom
50 Min.
Director: Paul Morrison, Mike Salisbury
Script: Mike Salisbury
Cinematography: Graham Horder, Hugh Maynard
Editing: Jo Payne (Bild), Angela Groves & Pete Howells (Ton
Music: Ben Salisbury
Narrator: Monty Don
Awards: Best ecological Film 2009
Nominations: Best Camera 2009,
Best Film 2009
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