Crane Migration of the Hortobágy

One of the greatest treasures of the Hortobágy´s fauna is beyond doubt the water avifauna, which is admired and surveyed by ornithologists worldwide. It is mainly at the time of the birds´ migration in spring and autumn that the wetlands of the national park spring into commotion, wild geese and mallards arrive, but the greatest spectacle is to be provided by the first crane flocks appearing on the horizon with flutelike calls: the autumn migration of the cranes, has begun.

Director: Zsolt Cséke

53 Min.
Director: Zsolt Cséke
Script: Zsolt Cséke
Cinematography: Zsolt Cséke, Attila Linzenbold, Péter Kéry
Editing: László Csordás
Music: Folk music, 7 steps
Narrator: Jonathan Wild, Antal Kocsis