Eco-Crimes: Tibet Connection

They are one of the most popular of the predatory big cats in the world and have been fiercely protected for more than 30 years. In spite of this India’s last tigers are being hunted as never before; not only for their bones, as we thought, but mostly for their fur, sold to customers we would not have believed possible. The film shows who is really behind this poaching and, above all, where the fur is being sent. For the wirepuller it means millions. For the king of the jungle it is a question of survival.

Director: Thomas Weidenbach

Thomas Weidenbach (1962) was working as a freelancer journalist before he studied geography. Nowadays he is working as an author, director and producer for TV documentaries and TV magazins in the field of science. IN 2005 he established his own company “LÄNGENGRAD Filmproduktion GmbH”.

Director: Heinz Greuling

44 Min.
Director: Thomas Weidenbach, Heinz Greuling
Script: Heinz Greuling, Thomas Weidenbach
Cinematography: Steffen Bohn, Michael Kern
Editing: Marc Schubert
Music: Oliver Keidel
Editor: Andrea Ernst (WDR/ARTE), Daniele Jörg
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