Super Mole

“Mighty Mole” is a light-hearted and insightful profile of one of the most amazing and industrious animals on earth – the mole. This film ventures deep underground to reveal the incredible story of how this little mammal survives and thrives. State of the art photography takes the audience on a journey into the labyrinth of tunnels where the mole lives it’s entire life. Here we discover the mole’s dazzling ‘superpowers’: forelimbs that can dig through the toughest soil, huge lungs which enable it to breathe underground, a supersensitive nose that can smell earthworms behind a wall of clay, and special whiskers on it’s snout and tail which detect the slightest vibrations through the ground.


Our mole put all these powers to good use, for above ground her archenemy, the Lawnmower Man, is trying every morning on his lawn. Our mole must eat constantly or die of starvation, so to survive she must outwit her human nemesis at every turn. Who will win?

Director: Pierre Bressiant

Bressiant very much like to amaze viewers with unusual adentures in hidden worlds: deep in the earth, inside the human body, in every undiscoverd sites all over the world. He has been directing films and video since 1990 and he made over 40 films broadcast internationally and he won awarded in many festivals.

52 Min.
Director: Pierre Bressiant
Script: Pierre Bressiant
Cinematography: Olivier Baubier, Emmanuel Loizeau
Music: David Reyes
Narrator: Guy Granville
Editor: Thierry Oden, Louis Goldschmidt, Guillaume Lebel
Nominations: Best Science Film 2009
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