The Fog Genie

On Taiwan island, fog envelops all year round on a mountain named Chilan. Only three days of the year are clear of fog, and moisture left on the trees alone can reach 300 millimeters. This fog stabilizes temperature and humidity in this forest, creating a perfect environment to nurture Asia’s precious primal cypress forest.


To unlock the mysterious force behind this fog, prominent female scientist Dr. Yi-ling Lai spends her life in the forest.

Director: Hsin-chih Hsieh

Director: Song Liu

An alumni of the London International Film School, producer/director Song Liu spent numerous years editing for National Geographic Channel and HBO before returning to Taiwan, where he joined Bao-Hua production company and began working solely on television documentaries.

Lui was the 2001 recipient of Best Director at the Taiwan television Golden Bell Awards - the country’s highest recognition of its kind. He is a two-time nominee and his programs continue to exemplify the best in the region. They have been honored with the Outstanding Cultural Program Award and Outstanding Children’s Program Award.

15 Min.
Director: Hsin-chih Hsieh, Song Liu
Script: Song Liu, Hsin-chih Hsieh
Cinematography: Po-wen Wang, Kuo-wei Hu, Li-jen Tu, Li-an Hsieh
Music: EMI (Taiwan)
Editor: Hsin-chih Hsieh, Song Liu
Nominations: Audience Award Best Short Film 2009
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