The Invisible Bird Photographer

To take a good picture about a bird is difficult. To take the perfect picture about a bird doing things you’ve never seen before is nearly impossible. Bence Máté’s pictures are telling everything about the secrets of a bird´s life – but nothing about those of cutting-edge bird-photography. If you want to know how this young obsessed man won every imaginable prize, how he was/is awarded time after time on BBC’s prestigious “Wildlife Photographer of the Year” competition then you need to watch this movie.

Director: Zsolt Marcell Toth

Director: David Attila Molnar

- 2007 – Lulu, the Mum (siecntific documentary, 30’), director
- 2007 – Lilliputan Mimicri (wildlife, 2x30’), camerman, director
- 2006 – Budapest Wild (wildlife, 52’), script writer, director’s assistant
- 2005-2006 – 10 PARKS (natural history doc., 10 x 50’) underwater cameraman
- 2005 – Wolfwatching (scientific documentary, 52’), director, cameraman
- 2004 – Freshwater Treasures of the Carpathian Basin (wildlife, 30’), director, cameraman
- 2004 – The Lost Box (wildlife, 7’), camerman, director

25 Min.
Director: Zsolt Marcell Toth, David Attila Molnar
Script: David Attila Molnar
Cinematography: David Attila Molnar, Zsolt Marcell Toth
Editing: David Attila Molnar, Zsolt Marcell Toth
Editor: David Attila Molnar
Nominations: Award of the Juvenile Jury 2009
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