The Nature of Rebirth

„If you are quiet in nature, the nature starts to reveal itself“. The documentary follows themes as the cycle of living and dying and the relationship between human and nature through four people living in the forest.

Director: Johanna Lampi

Johanna Lampi, born 1977, began studying environmental protection at the University of Helsinki in 1997. She has become very interested in examining human attitudes and views toward nature and our place in the world, in a visual medium. She began audiovisual studies in Helsinki Polytechnic Stadia and worked as a sound recordist in environmental film productions. Now her dream is to make productions on human-nature/environmental issues.

15 Min.
Director: Johanna Lampi
Script: Johanna Lampi, Anna Kulicka-Soisalon-Soininen
Cinematography: Markku Pelkonen
Music: Todar
Editor: Henriikka Hemmi
Nominations: Audience Award Best Short Film 2009