Unsung Heroes of Mt. Jade

Most people shun cleaning the toilet. There is, however, a group of volunteers who are willing to ascend 3000 meters above the sea level to clean a toilet atop Jade Mountain. This is no ordinary toilet. This toilet is an experimental facility that allows volunteers to convert human waste into fertilizer. If succssful, the experiment will substantially benefit the construction of toilets in remote areas, enviromental protection efforts, and the water sources. Nevertheless, cleaning this toilet requires a three-day trip. Chen Ta-sen, one of the volunteers, has been cleaning the toilet two to three times a month over the past year. What is his motivation? Perhaps, it is the love for the land and a feeling of gratefulness toward the forest and mountain.

Director: Chia-chung Huang

Chia-chun Huang earned his MA from the Graduate School of Applied Media Arts at the National Taiwan University of Arts. Huang has been a TV scriptwriter and a director for 10 years, focusing and specializing in children and youth programs, as well as cultural arts, social, and public welfare programs. Huang also works on long documentary movies on various interesting topics.

23 Min.
Director: Chia-chung Huang
Script: Chia-chung Huang
Cinematography: Li-an Hsieh, Chia-chun Huang
Editor: Chia-chun Huang
Nominations: Award of the Juvenile Jury 2009