Chamäleon Beach

The camera follows two chameleons of a population living in a lagoon in Greece. Next to natural enemies, human and cars are menacing the population of only 300 chameleons as well. The film shows their daily struggle with life within the expanding tourism destination Greece.

Director: Adam Schmedes

Adam Schmedes, diploma director and photographer from the French Film School IDHEC and the Danish National Film School. Manager of Loke Film, a production company situated in Copenhagen and in La Gaude, near Cannes, France. Main production activities are wildlife and science documentaries.
Adam grew up in the South of France, and shot his first piece of wildlife footage on 16 mm, 8 years old: the hatching of a chrysalis. Since then he has directed and produced many wildlife films most of them award winning. Among the best known are; 'The King of Provence', 'Chameleon Beach' and 'The Arctic Giant'.

43 Min.
Director: Adam Schmedes
Script: Adam Schmedes, Peter I. Lauridsen
Cinematography: Adam Schmedes, Toby Strong, Frej Schmedes
Editing: Peter I. Lauridsen, Bor Thierry, Frej Schmedes
Music: Nicklas Schmidt, Jes Paul, Morten Alfred Hoirup
Narrator: Linford Brown (engl.)
Editor: Petra Boden (ZDF Redaktion Kultur und Wissenschaft/ARTE)
Awards: Best Score 2009
Nominations: Best Score 2009
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