Gimme a Hug

There is still a lot we don’t understand, or even know about sharks, one of the most important top-predators in our oceans. In this film, they are showing a totally different behaviour then most people would expect.

Director: Geert Droppers

Geert Droppers, a Dutch diver, started filming in 2003. His drive: a passion for sharks. He has been diving with many sharks species and collected shark footage from all over the world. His documentaries show not only how beautiful and graceful those animals are, but also reveal surprising insights into their behaviour.

13 Min.
Director: Geert Droppers
Author: Geert Droppers
Camera: Geert Droppers
Editing: Geert Droppers
Music: Mark Pütz
Speaker: Cristina Zenato
Editor: Geert Droppers
Awards: Audience Award Best Short Film 2009
Nominations: Audience Award Best Short Film 2009
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