Kasuare – Australiens schräge Vögel

Cassowaries tells the action-packed, heart-felt story of the cassowaries of Northern Australia, struggeling to survive after a one in 50 years cyclone destroyed their rainforest homes, while revealing for the first time the magnificent, wild, endangered Southern Cassowary.

Director: Bianca Keeley

Bianca started her television career 12 years ago as a journalist and newsreader for news and current affairs in Australia. She has produced interactive media projects for Channel 4 (UK) and Discovery Channel (USA) and has worked across a variety of productions from music videos to mobile phone content to wildlife documentaries for broadcasters including BBC (UK), Animal Planet (USA) and National Geographic (USA), „Cassowaries“ is her first one-hour film for her own production company BK Films.

43 Min.
Director: Bianca Keeley
Script: Bianca Keeley, David Wright, Bill Garner
Cinematography: David Wright
Editing: Efstratios Psyridis
Music: Dale Cornelius
Editor: Petra Boden (ZDF Redaktion Kultur und Wissenschaft/ARTE)