Kingdom of the Elk

The Elk, one of the largest and most magnificent animals inhabiting Estonian forests, has lived here for 11,000 years. Humans rarely spott he elk, and when they do so, it is mostly through the car window. However, a momentary encounter with the frightened animal says nothing about the existence of the elk, ist calm and grand demeanour in its natural habitat. The film takes us to th kingdom of the elk, there life passes by without haste to the rhythms set by the times. It is where the wild boar, roe, fox and other animals go about their everyday buisness.

Director: Rein Maran

Rein Maran (born 1931) is a writer, director, cameraman and producer from Estonia. He has directed more than 50 films, most of them about the wild nature of Estonia. Many films are shown in TV-channels and festivals in abroad. He is also an author of numeorus TV-projects. About Estonian wildlife. Heroes of his films have been different animals, as for instants ants, toads, snakes, several birds species and mammals. By his films Rein Maran tries to value the beauty of natural behaviour of the animals in their own habitats.

60 Min.
Director: Rein Maran
Script: Rein Maran
Cinematography: Rein Maran, Joosep Matjus, Tönu Talpsep
Editing: Margit Maran
Music: Märt Matis Lill
Narrator: Tönu Mikiver
Editor: Margit Maran
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