The Festival 2010

The Festival 2010

"This is madness"

Joy of the award winners about the nature film "Oscar"

Some were visibly moved, some were surprised, many were just happy: At the end of the 4th International Nature Film Festival Green Screen, Eckernförde lived up to its reputation as the "Hollywood of the North. 14 prizes were presented to the winners in a ceremony in the well-attended town hall on Saturday evening. Green Screen is awesome," Jan Haft called into the microphone with a mischievous smile. The award-winning filmmaker was also pleased to receive an award this year (Best Picture Design). His film "Das Kornfeld" (The Cornfield) about the astonishing life in a seemingly everyday living space was also a hit with the audience. "This is absolutely amazing," said a delighted Alexander Fürst von Lieven, who together with Hans Purrmann won two awards for the short film "Leben zwischen den Zeilen" (Life Between the Lines). And Angela Graas, who received the jury's special prize for "Jagdzeit" (Hunting Time), revealed something of the stresses and strains of filming about Greenpeace whaling campaigns: "Everyone suffered and fought for this film. The jury had viewed 120 films in advance. "Over red wine and crackers", as NDR presenter Markus Pingel remarked, who guided the audience through the evening in an amusing and chatty manner. ... At the end, festival director Gerald Grote was pleased about a new record number of visitors. 9000 nature film fans saw about 80 films. Of the nearly 70 events, more than half were sold out. "That's never happened before," said Grote. More visitors,more filmmakers - "and also more money would be nice," he hopes for more grants and sponsors. The green screen budget has grown to almost 200,000 euros.

Eckernförder Nachrichten, September, 13th 2010