In the Sway of the Mountains

The fascinating Tyrol mountain landscape with its varied flora and fauna, the difference in landscape and animal and plant habitats, first and foremost the meeting of human and animal in this habitat, which really benefits the animals, but is also trodden, used and often abused by mankind. Otmar Penker in this film fixes never-before-seen images in unbelievably brilliant pictures: the camera becomes our binoculars, the camouflage tent our look-out.

Director: Otmar Penker

Otmar Penker, born 1967, lives in the mountain village of Kaning in the heart of the Nockberge mountains in Carinthia, Austria. Being the son of a mountain farmer, he accompanied his father on hikes in search of wildlife and photo subjects from early on. The enthusiastic huntsman and nature lover has - due to his special talent and passion - attracted much attention and been awarded nationally and internationally for his nature documentaries.
Otmar Penker received training as assistant cameraman and sound engineer for several years. Meanwhile, he is not just a coveted filmmaker, but also producer and general manager of the filmproduction company "Die ARGEntur" in Radenthein, Carinthia. Through collaboration with the likes of Klaus Feichtenberger, the renowned director of the ORF-Universum series, he achieved mastership - as Feichtenberger puts it - in the award-winning masterpiece Der Prinz der Alpen.
His ORF-Universum-debut was named the most successful ORF-Universum production in 2008 and was aired around the globe.

67 Min.
Director: Otmar Penker
Script: Otmar Penker
Cinematography: Otmar Penker
Editing: Otmar Penker
Music: Andreas Fabianek
Narrator: Alfred Schwarzenberger
Editor: Eigenproduktion
Nominations: Best Camera 2010
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