Running with Wolves

Gudrun Pflueger is an extraordinary individual. A woman of the wilds, wolf biologist by training and ex-world championship athlete, Gudrun is used to challenges. For years she scoured the Canadian wilderness in search of wolves, one of the world's most elusive creatures. Then four years ago she had a life changing experience - a rare close encounter with a pack of wolves in British Columbia, Canada. For Gudrun it was a dream come true. But within weeks she was fighting for her life - a malignant cancerous brain tumour the size of a golf ball was found growing in her brain. On her long road to recovery she has had one goal in mind - to be reunited with wolves again. It's been her raison d'être. Now she is to live her dream - to run with her wolf friends in the spectacular wilds of Canada.


The wilderness areas of British are among the most awe inspiring in the world. It was on one of the coastal islands that, in 2005, Gudrun came face to face with wolves so trusting and so curious that they came within touching distance of her. That encounter gave Gudrun strength during the long hours, weeks and months of treatment as she fought for her life against a real killer - cancer. The wolves gave her hope when there seemed little to hope for. Now she wants to repay them. She sets herself a mission to track the elusive wolves of the Rocky Mountains. Her task will not be easy. Wasted by disease her body is not as resilient as it once was. Hiking the moss clad forests will no longer be a walk in the woods for her. And to add to her task, each week she will undergo treatment to help fight the cancer. She will have to retrain her body to prepare for the challenges and rigours of endurance to come in order to return to her athletic abilities of previous years. The daunting Rockies, jagged and youthful await her. But so does a surprising twist in her extraordinary tale.

Director: Richard Matthews

Richard is an internationally renowned wildlife filmmaker with over thirty years experience in production, camerawork and directing. Born in South Africa Richard joined the BBC Natural History Unit before turning freelance to film and produce his own programmes. Today based in Cape Town Richard specializes in aerial photography and has developed a number of gyro-stabilised aerial camera systems for light aircraft and helicopters. His films have won numerous awards including five Emmys and a BAFTA.
In 2010 Richard teamed up with talented fellow Producers Joe Kennedy and Katharina Pechel to form Table Mountain Films. The company has already garnered a reputation for excellence and innovation. Our latest films are “Beachwolf” for Terra Mater and “A Wild Dogs Tale” for National Geographic Wild and ORF.

South Africa
44 Min.
Director: Richard Matthews
Script: Joe Kennedy
Cinematography: Richard Matthews
Editing: Susan Scott, Charlene Waite
Music: Grant McLachlan
Narrator: Joe Kennedy
Editor: Joe Kennedy
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