Scientists Under Attack - genengineering in the magnetic field of money

Árpád Pusztai and Ignacio Chapela have two things in common. They are distinguished scientists and their careers are in ruins. Both scientists choose to look at the phenomenon of genetic engineering. Both made important discoveries. Both of them are suffering the fate of those who criticise the powerful vested interests that now dominate big business and scientific research.

Statements made by scientists themselves prove that 95% of the research in the area of genetic engineering is paid by the industry. Only 5% of the research is independent. The big danger for freedom of science and our democracy is evident. Can the public - we all - still trust our scientists?

This is a documentary thriller about how Agro-Chemical multinational corporations victimise international scientists to prevent them from publishing their scary findings.


Director: Bertram Verhaag

Bertram Verhaag, born 1944 in Sosnowitz, Upper Silesia studied sociology and economics.
Three years of freelance work in a department for urban development.
1972-75 University of Television and Film, Munich (HFF München)
1976 foundation of DENKmalFilm Productions with Claus Strigel. More than 90 films for cinema and television arose from their cooperation as producers, writers and directors.

88 Min.
Director: Bertram Verhaag
Script: Bertram Verhaag
Cinematography: Waldemar Hauschild
Editing: Verena Schönauer
Music: Gert Wilden
Editor: Sonja Scheider (BR)
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