The World's Oceans - Ocean Habitat

The oceans are the oldest and the most productive ecosystems in the world. Sensational film recordings allow us an insight into the often extreme habitats. They tells us the stories of tiny plankton organisms and baleen whales, of salt meadows, seaweed forests and coral reefs, of tuna, hammerhead sharks and bizarre fishes of the deep sea, of a dog-eat-dog world but also about the endangerment of the often unique living communities.

Director: Dr. Walter Sigl

From 1957 till 1964 he studied at the Technical University of Munich and the University of Freiburg.
His field of study was geology and he completed his major study successfully as a graduated geologist.
From 1964 till 1966 he worked as a geologist for the company PRAKLA in Hannover.
The next five years ('66 - '71) he was a doctoral candidate and research assistant for the chair of geology at the Technical University of Munich (marine geology + sediment research).
1971 PhD Promotion

" sedimentological explorations in Bavarian lakes and sediment essence exploration in the Mediterranean Sea
" participation at marine geological journeys in the North Sea, Baltic Sea, Mediterranean Sea, Bahamas, Bermudas; multiple scientific publications

1975 till 1978 he had a lectureship at the technical University of Munich to pre-qualify research divers.

In 1979 he was co - founder of the professional Vidoestudio AV-Hartwig/Multivideo;
He was executive partner until 1990.

Since 1990 he is a freelance filmmaker.

Since 1978 he made:
" a series of 28 nature documentaries for the Bavarian TV
" diverse film reports and industrial films for the German Museum
" diverse educational films for the FWU department of Picture and Film (Munich)
diverse national and international awards

26 Min.
Director: Dr. Walter Sigl
Script: Anne Müller, Dr. Walter Sigl
Cinematography: Dr. Walter Sigl, u.a.
Editing: Dr. Walter Sigl
Music: div.
Narrator: Axel Wostry
Editor: Anne Müller, Dr. Gabriele Thielmann
Nominations: Award of the Juvenile Jury 2010
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