Mission Monk Seals

Together with Greek scientists cinematographer Thomas Behrend starts an experiment: With pre-installed remote cameras, they want to observe birth and childhood of a monk seal pup.

Director: Christina Karliczek-Skoglund

Christina Karliczek Skoglund is a wildlife and underwater filming specialist.
She works around the world for wildlife and expeditions series of BBC, NDR/Doclights, Terra Mater and Nat Geo Wild.

At the moment, you can find Christina in the chilly dark waters of Scandinavia and the Northeast Atlantic for several productions. Sharks Of The Icy North (Haie Eiskalt!) for Doclights/NDR/CuriosityStream and partners was her debut as producer with her company Black Coral Film.

Christina’s camerawork is awarded at prestigious film festivals and has contributed to a nomination for an Emmy in Outstanding Cinematography in 2017. Christina was one of the principal camera people of 2015 Jackson Hole Wildlife Festival Winner ‘Congo - Deep and Dangerous’ .

It’s been the passionate photographic interest in aquatic environments that made her initially leave her path as camera operator for tv and fiction on land. Christina has channeled this passion with an eye for evolving technology into bringing engaging storytelling back up from a world that’s hidden to most people.

44 Min.
Director: Christina Karliczek-Skoglund
Script: Thomas Behrend, Christina Karliczek
Cinematography: Thomas Behrend, Christina Karliczek
Editing: Christina Karliczek
Music: Andreas Dicke, Thomas Onderka
Narrator: Hans-Peter Bögel, Robert Missler, Marion von Stengel
Editor: Wolf Lengwenus (NDR), Jörn Röver (NDR Naturfilm)
Nominations: Best Marine Film 2010
Website URL: www.studio-hamburg.de