Misteltoe: Bushes on top of trees

Christoph is wondering: Throughout the winter, trees are completely bleak, just on some one can see little bushes- with green leaves and berries. But how did they get on top? Christoph learns from a "Mistletoe Expert" that mistleoe are extremely sticky inside. Birds like the mistle trush like that a lot! The birds guzzle the berries and spread out the leftovers from tree to tree. The mistletoe starts to take a root on a new limb and with a little spine the branches drill into the limb and start to grow. After a couple of years the mistletoes can be harvested. Christoph learns how he can get to know the age of the mistletoe- and that they should have healing and even mystical powers.

Director: Sabine Ennulath

[translate:] Sabine Ennulath studierte u.a. Humanmedizin und war bis 2005 als Ärztin beschäftigt. Nebenbei war sie Regieassistenz und Co-Regisseurin bei diversen WDR-/NDR-/KiKa- und ZDF-Produktionen. Seit 2006 ist sie Autorin und Regisseurin für Sachgeschichten in der „Sendung mit der Maus.“

7 Min.
Director: Sabine Ennulath
Script: Sabine Ennulath
Cinematography: Dieter Stürmer, Nils Bolbringer
Editing: Susann Martin
Narrator: Evi Seibert
Editor: Joachim Lachmuth
Nominations: Audience Award Best Short Film for Kids 2010