The Return of the Salmons

The film accompanies young salmons a long and adventurous way via Lower Saxony. Besides we get to know how kingfisher, otter and lynx profit by subnatural brooks as well.

Director: Klaus Weißmann

From early childhood on Klaus Weissmann’s passion has been watching animals and nature. The trained biologist works as a freelance author and cameraman. Starting in 1998 he has been producing documentaries focused on nature and species, science and expeditions for German’s public service broadcasting channels. With every new project he tries to find the right mixture of ‘infotainment’ and takes a humorous approach in order to awaken his audience’s interest in animals and nature.

44 Min.
Director: Klaus Weißmann
Script: Klaus Weißmann
Cinematography: Klaus Weißmann, Rolf Sziringer
Editing: Maria Hemmeleb
Music: Andreas Dicke, Thomas Onderka
Narrator: Mark Bremer
Editor: Wolf Lengwenus (NDR), Jörn Röver (NDR Naturfilm)
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