Where the blackcock still mates

In our country many types of animals and plants are threatened by extinction because their original environments are being considerably destroyed by mankind. Only in limited regions do natural conditions exist. One of these regions is the more than 50 km² shooting range of the Rheinmetall company in Unterlüß, at the edge of the Southern Heath (Niedersachsen). The film show that where mankind spends less time, and where we plant and work the land in an environmentally friendly manner, endangered species have survived and have become more native.


Director: Hans Müller

[translate:] Hans wurde 1938 in Celle geboren. Als gelernter Schlossermeister arbeitet er nicht mehr. Der Rentner ist seit 1990 begeisterter Hobbyfilmer für Naturfilme.

29 Min.
Director: Hans Müller
Script: Hans Müller
Cinematography: Hans Müller
Editing: Hans Müller
Music: Blue Valley Filmmusik
Narrator: Hans Müller
Editor: Hans Müller
Nominations: Award of the Juvenile Jury 2010