Asbestos - a dangerous substance returns

Asbestos has been banned in Germany for over a decade. Hundreds of millions of Euros are spent on sanitation measures every year. The carcenogenic fibres lead to a specific form of lung cancer in humans. Yet the toxic dust is returning and, obviously, legally. An exception to the regulations allows the import and trade of Canadian asbestos. In China the deadly mineral is still being used in products such as thermos flasks and sealing rings and exported to Germany.

Director: Inge Altemeier

Born 1956, lives in Hamburg and studied English language and literature, politics and educational sciences. She worked as a freelancer for radio and TV. As of 1991, she is a television journalist, filmmaker and writer for the TV stations NDR, SWR, Arte and Der Spiegel. She is a specialist in worldwide investigative research.

45 Min.
Director: Inge Altemeier
Script: Inge Altemeier
Cinematography: Reinhard Hornung, Ayhan Salar, Michael Wulfes
Editing: Reinhard Hornung
Music: Reinhard Hornung
Narrator: Dorothea Reinick
Editor: Barbara Schmitz (WDR)
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