Australia - the poisonous continent

Most of the poisonous animals of the world live in Australia. They are all over the north of the continent. Irrelevant of whether they are snakes, poisonous fishes or spiders, many of these animals can be extremely dangerous to humans. This is why we used to hunt them, and even tried to make them extinct. We now know that even poisonous animals play an important role in their natural environments. Some of them are even useful for humans. Steffens discovers Australia.

Director: Dirk Steffens

Dirk Steffens,born on December 5, 1967 in Stade
After a traineeship at the Journalism School in Cologne, he studied politics and history and worked as an editor for news and politics at the radio station Deutschlandfunk Köln in 1994. Since 1992 he has been working as a writer and documentary filmmaker for television. As of 2004 Steffens also appears in front of the camera, presenting various wildlife and travel formats. For 15 years, he has been travelling around the world, being abroad about 200 days a year, and he has filmed in over 70 countries on all continents. He is also an experienced diver and underwater filmmaker.
In 2007 his first book was published by Rowohlt: Tierisch! Expeditionen an den Rand der Schöpfung.
He presents the documentary series Faszination Erde on ZDF as the successor to Dr. Joachim Bublath since December 2008.

Director: Marcus Fischötter

Marcus Fischötter, born 1962 in Hamburg.
He studied politics and history at the Free University in Berlin. Until 1994 he was television programme editor at Spiegel TV; he has worked on reportage features and documentaries as a freelance writer and director for different organisations and broadcasting corporations such as Premiere, Greenpeace, GEO, RTL and ZDF.

Director: Jürgen Vogt

43 Min.
Director: Dirk Steffens, Marcus Fischötter, Jürgen Vogt
Script: Jürgen Vogt, Dirk Steffens
Cinematography: Nikolaus Hinrich Tarouquella
Editing: Alexandra Karaoulis
Music: Dürbeck & Dohmen
Editor: Dr. Renate Marel, Anne Even
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