Loved, Hunted and Captured - the billion dollar business with dolphins

The boom in dolphinaria, dolphin shows and treatment centres is without end - worldwide a billion dollar industry in which Germany plays a part. Many people are unaware of their involvement, but more indeed know how much these sensitive creature suffer in captivity. After the oscar-winning documentary film the "The Bay" more resistance has arisen against the business boom due their non-animal-friendly captivity and illegal and tortuous fishing in the wild.

Director: Raimund Waltenberg

30 Min.
Director: Raimund Waltenberg
Script: Raimund Waltenberg
Cinematography: Axel Kortschik, Liron Pinchover, Hans Peter Roth, Bernhard Seifert, Yaniv Shmueli
Editing: Tom Wünsche
Narrator: Helmut Winkelmann
Editor: Silvia Menzel
Nominations: Award of the Juvenile Jury 2010