Mission Gombessa

Millions of years ago a handful of islands rose up out of the sea off the African coast. Huge amounts of ash and lava formed craggy undersea landscapes. Here in the deep, dark ocean there lives mysterious beast, which has been in existence longer than the Comoros itself: the crossopterygian! Hans Fricke has found many answers, but two important questions remain: Are these fish really the oldest vertebrates in the world? And where do they hide their offspring?

Director: Jan Haft

The multiple award-winning cameraman and director Jan Haft (*1967) is one of the most innovative animal filmmakers in Germany. After studying geology/palaeontology, he went on to study biology. At the beginning of the 1990s, the nature enthusiast began his career as a camera assistant for animal film productions. Already in 1996 he founded Nautilusfilm GmbH, one of the most successful companies for animal films in Germany

44 Min.
Director: Jan Haft
Script: Thassilo Franke
Cinematography: Hans Fricke, Roland Gockel
Editing: Stephan Berthold, Jan Haft
Music: Joe Dinkelbach
Narrator: Axel Wostry
Editor: Gabriele Conze
Nominations: Best Science Film 2010
Website URL: melanie.haft@nautilusfilm.com