Stinking Ships - When Container Ships Pollute the Atmosphere

For years now the Federal Germany Ministry for the Environment has attributed a considerable amount of environment pollution on German coast to ocean liners and container ships. On the beach at Travemuende, in the cruise ship terminals in Hamburg, on ferries in Kiel Harbour the author tracks down the sulphur, nitrogen and other poisonous gases from the ships' funnels. The exhausts from sea vessels are the new air polluters on the coast and also further inland.


Director: Andreas Orth

42 Min.
Director: Andreas Orth
Script: Andreas Orth
Cinematography: Beatrice Mayer, Holger Schmidt, Jens Warnecke, Kay Anderson, Mario Hass
Editing: Jens Warnecke
Music: Eike Hosenfeld
Narrator: Mark Bremer
Editor: Christoph Mestmacher
Nominations: Best ecological Film 2010