The Magic of the Baltic Sea

Lars Weisner and Jörg Wilhelmy are passionate Baltic Sea divers. The two Kiel citizens have discovered beautiful places on the Schleswig-Holstein coast which do not have to shy away from comparison. During the numerous dives they have filmed the flora and fauna of the underwater world, have found curiosities and experienced scenes of the daily fight to survive. There is more to discover, one has to take the time to look more closely. Part of the Baltic Sea contain the numerous wrecks and the remains of the Second World War.

Director: Jörg Wilhelmy

Cameraman Lars Weisner and Author and Director, Jörg Wilhelmy (Diving Areas in the Baltic Sea), are passionate divers. They have investigated the Schleswig Holstein Baltic coast and have discovered an incomparable beauty of nature, which is unknown to all but a few.

During their many diving expeditions, they filmed flora and fauna underwater, discovered strange happenings and experienced scenes from daily survival. There is a great deal to discover, you have to take your time and look more carefully. That is one side of the Baltic Sea. Another part are the many wrecks, and remains form the second world war.

55 Min.
Director: Jörg Wilhelmy
Script: Jörg Wilhelmy
Cinematography: Lars Weisner
Editing: Jörg Wilhelmy, Lars Weisner
Music: Jörg Wilhelmy
Narrator: David Nathan
Editor: Kathrin Völckers