Tiger - the death chronicles

Tiger, the national animal, the most charismatic animal on the face of the earth - is in severe crisis today. It's prey, habitat and the animal itself is being decimated. "Tiger - the death chronicles" sharp focuses this crisis. The film is presented and directed by Krishnendu Bose, someone who has spent 20 years making conservation films. He takes the viewers on a journey through the Tiger's Terrain, to explore the crisis.


The film travels to tiger hotspots like Sariska, Panna, Buxa, to unravel nuts and bolts of the crisis. It looks at states likes Madhya Pradesh, Orissa and Goa and how they are trading their tigers and their forests, for more economic revenue. The film highlights the good work done in tiger reserves like Corbett, where people and tigers are protected and benefits shared. Up in the BR Hills, of Karnataka, the film peeps into the world of the Soligas and shares their secret of saving their forests and tigers.


"Tiger - the death chronicles" in 63 minutes encapsulates 30 years of conservation attitude of this country. For the first time ever, a film joins diverse voices, from tiger scientists and conservationists to ordinary citizens, to attempt a brutal and an honest assessment of the present and the future of the Indian tiger.


Director: Krishnendu Bose

Krishnendu Bose is the founding member of Earthcare Films, making wildlife and conservation films since 1986.
Harvesting Hunger - a film on the politics of food in India won the Special Jury Award at Okomedia Environment Film festival in Freiberg, 2000. Jardhar Diary was awarded by Earthvision Environmental Film Festival, Tokyo 2003. His last film on the tiger crisis - Tiger the death chronicles - got the Wildlife Conservation Award at the 4th Vatavaran International Wildlife and Environment Film Festival, Delhi 2007 and conservation award at International Wildlife Film Festival, Missoula, Montana 2008.

Along with producing films, he conducts environment education workshops in schools and colleges and he disseminates his films in rural areas.

63 Min.
Director: Krishnendu Bose
Script: Krishnendu Bose
Cinematography: Ishlauddin Ashraf
Music: Susmit Sen
Narrator: Krishnendu Bose
Editor: Pooja Iyengar