Bird Of Wisdom - The Raven

Óðinn, the mightiest of the Norse gods, understood the language of ravens. Huginn and Muninn (Mind and Memory) his two ravens flew far and wide to bring him news from around the world, every day. According to folklore, if a raven perched on a church cross, it was an omen of death. Various other actions by the raven could also bode death, but if treated well by humans the raven could bring good fortune. Kindness to ravens is rewarded by God.

No bird is so firmly rooted in Icelandic folk tradition as the raven, and the old folk beliefs still survive today.

Director: Páll Steingrímsson

Pall Steingrimsson has been fully engaged in films since 1973 as writer, producer, director, cameraman or editor, both independently and in cooperation with various companies. In 1993 he founded KVIK Film Productions together with the artist Ruri. The company's main emphasis has been on the production of nature, science and cultural documentaries, with the interrelationship of wildlife and human beings often the common denominator.
Páll Steingrímsson's films have gained recognition on an international scale and have received numerous prizes at film festivals. Also he has received many honors, among these the Honorary prize of the Edda Festival in 2005, the Reykjavík City artist 2005, and the Knight's Cross of the Order of the Falcon.

52 Min.
Director: Páll Steingrímsson
Script: Páll Steingrímsson
Cinematography: Björn Omar Guðmundsson
Editing: Olafur Ragnar Halldórsson
Music: Þórður Högnason
Narrator: Magnus Magnusson KBE
Editor: Páll Steingrímsson
Nominations: Best Sounddesign 2011