Pride in Battle

In a remote area of northern Botswana, two lion brothers emerge victorious as undisputed rulers of a formidable pride after a ferocious battle for dominance. The lions are struggling to survive a devastating drought. Will the pride have to break up due to the scarceness of their main prey, the buffalo? Or will the elephants of the region offer a new solution?

Director: Graeme Duane

Graeme is an experienced director of photography and has over 20 international documentary and natural history titles to his credit. He has had an extremely close working relationship with National Geographic Television since 1997. Titles of his include episodes of National Geographic's "Dangerous Encounters", "Great Migrations", "Megafish - Amazon" to name but a few. In his current role as creative director he has written and produced a 26 part series for Earth-Touch entitled "Epic Earth" and just completed the newest addition to Earth-Touch's slate of programs, "Gannets - The Wrong Side of the Run".

His area of talent is not only limited to writing and producing. Graeme is also one of the most experienced underwater cameramen in the world and his fascination with the sea translates beautifully into the footage he produces.

South Africa
90 Min.
Director: Graeme Duane
Script: Stefania Muller
Cinematography: Brad Bestelink, Graham Springer
Editing: Brennan Northen
Music: Dave Birch, Nux Schwartz
Narrator: Dave Birch
Editor: Stefania Muller
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