Satoyama- Japans Secret Forest

Satoyama is a rural region, where humans and nature coexist in harmony. This episode brings us into a mountain forest. Poetically, it shows how the people living there handle and make use of the forest with traditional knowledge, leaving it unravaged. The film shows how new mushroom cultures can grow after harvesting, it shows the importance of bees in the cycle of life and how the inhabitants incorporate the forest in their traditions and rituals.

Director: Tetsunori Kikuchi

Tetsunori Kikuchi graduated in forestry from the University of Tokyo. As a student, he conducted research on long-horned beetles and other forest insects. After joining NHK in 1992, he began working on natural-history productions including the renowned "The Global Family" series. Notably, he has shot numerous programs in high definition. He has been working on the "Satoyama" series since autumn 1996.

51 Min.
Director: Tetsunori Kikuchi
Author: Satoko Nakahara, Peter Hayden, Mitsuhiko Imamori
Camera: Hiroyuki Kozako, Kou Kakizaki
Editing: Masayuki Shimoyamada
Music: Takashi Kako
Speaker: David Attenborough
Editor: Shinichi Murata, Ryoji Ishida
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