Cheetah - Price of Speed

The cheetah is a highly specialised animal. It excels at one thing alone, running down high-speed prey faster than any other mammal on earth.

But this specialisation comes at a cost. The cheetah as a predatory model seems focussed on one single area of expertise. Outside of pursuing prey, how effective is this animal when compared to the other apex predators of the savannah?

Director: Graeme Duane

Graeme is an experienced director of photography and has over 20 international documentary and natural history titles to his credit. He has had an extremely close working relationship with National Geographic Television since 1997. Titles of his include episodes of National Geographic's "Dangerous Encounters", "Great Migrations", "Megafish - Amazon" to name but a few. In his current role as creative director he has written and produced a 26 part series for Earth-Touch entitled "Epic Earth" and just completed the newest addition to Earth-Touch's slate of programs, "Gannets - The Wrong Side of the Run".

His area of talent is not only limited to writing and producing. Graeme is also one of the most experienced underwater cameramen in the world and his fascination with the sea translates beautifully into the footage he produces.

South Africa
Director: Graeme Duane
Author: Graeme Duane
Camera: Brad Bestelink, Graeme Duane, Graham Springer, Pierre Minnie, Russel Bergh, Vanessa Stephen
Editing: Ruaan Botha, Arne Leisegang
Music: Dave Birch
Speaker: Dave Birch
Editor: Graeme Duane
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