Life Force - Madagascar

"Life Force" explores and celebrates evolution by means of pioneering science documentaries. A cast of primeval creatures lived in isolation on the island of Madagascar. Enter a foreign primate - and evolutionary magic begins. The secluded island is transformed into a sort of factory in which evolution flourishes. Cyclical geological and climatic events force all participants to embark on the Mutation, generating the most fantastic creatures on earth.


Director: Masahiro Hayakawa

Masahiro Hayakawa makes natural-history programs at NHK Enterprises. He grew up partly in Panama and is fluent in Spanish. As a student, he took part in field studies of humpback whales. He joined NHK in 1993 and was initially a science producer in Tokyo. He then worked at NHK's Aomori bureau, where he made programs in diverse genres, and in NHK's Science and Environment Program Division in Tokyo, where he made natural-history programs. He worked on the BBC co-production of "Planet Earth".

50 Min.
Director: Masahiro Hayakawa
Script: Peter Hayden
Cinematography: Hiroyuki Kozako, Tatsuhiko Sugita, Toshihiro Muta
Editing: Ceilia Offwood, Jason Horner, Karen Jackson
Music: Trevor Coleman
Narrator: Anthony Call
Editor: Shinichi Murata, Andrew Waterworth
Nominations: Best Science Film 2011
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