Universe of the Oceans - with Frank Schätzing

Oceans cover three quarters of the earth's surface, yet we still know little about them. With spectacular underwater footage, bestselling author Frank Schätzing introduces bizarre deep-sea organisms. We're up close on current research about how an ocean comes to exist or how marine life could possibly develop. With the help of computer animations, prehistoric creatures come back to life and photorealistic images show how scientists envision our future in and on the ocean.

Director: Stefan Schneider

Stefan Schneider began his work in 1990 as a producer, author and director. Since January 2007 he heads the Science Department of Gruppe 5 Filmproduktion.

His credits include: "In the Garden of Death" (ZDF), "Storm over Europe" (ZDF and Arte), "The Rediscovered Face" (ZDF and Arte "A Matter of Life and Death" – Magic Moments of Medicine" (4-part-series for Arte and ARD), "Jewelry-Fever – The Track of Diamonds" (ZDF), "The C-Files" - Historical Crime Cases re-opened (3-part-series for ZDF) and Konrad Adenauer – Hours of Decision, a docudrama about the first German Chancellor after WW2 for SWR/ WDR & Arte.
Price winning productions are: Supercomet – After The Impact (ZDF/ Discovery Channel/ Science Channel/ France 2/ ZDF Enterprises/ SBS TV) winning the “Bronze Dragon Award at Nanjing Film Festival 2009” and in 2010 Universe of The Oceans (ZDF/ ARTE/ National Geographic Channel/ ZDF Enterprises) winning the Bronze Dragon Award at the Bejing Film Festival 2010 and Gold Panda Award at the International TV-Festival Sichuan, China in 2011.

44 Min.
Director: Stefan Schneider
Script: Stefan Schneider, Claudia Ruby
Cinematography: Martin Christ
Editing: Josef van Ooyen
Music: Paul Rabiger
Narrator: Hans Mittermüller
Editor: Ruth Omphalius
Awards: Best Marine Film 2011
Nominations: Best Marine Film 2011,
Best Postproduction 2011
Website URL: www.terra-x.zdf.de