24 hours at Fakarava

Fakarava Atoll in Polynesia is an underwater paradise with an extraordinary species diversity. Free-diver Frederic is on an ambitious mission: Wanting to investigate the daily rhythm of the atoll's inhabitants, he dives with them continually for 24 hours, recording the reef's underwater soundscape. His recordings may help professsor Serge Plane gain groundbreaking new insights for his research on the interrelationships between different reef organisms.


Director: Boris Raim

Boris Raim, born 1962, directed the series "Im Reich der Tiefe" (i.e. In the Realm of the Deep) together with Christian Petron, and is manager of Sound & Vision GmbH. He studied theatre, film and television sciences, language and literature, political science and philosophy. During his studies he worked at the theatre and for print media and radio.

Director: Pétron Christian

Christian Petron, born 1944, spent his youth on the shores of Lake Annecy. Here he discovered his passion for diving and underwater photography. Already while he was a mine diver in the French Navy, he worked for the company Comex as a specialist for underwater filming in deep-sea submarines. These skills made him a specialist for several expeditions to the Titanic. From 1996 to 1998 he shot four 52-minute documentaries about the exploration of the wreck of the TITANIC. In 2002, his extensive experience in underwater shooting led to a close cooperation with Hollywood's director James Cameron, who made use of Christian Petron's know-how in his documentary "Ghosts of the Abyss".

43 Min.
Director: Boris Raim, Pétron Christian
Script: Christian Pétron, Boris Raim
Cinematography: Sascha Schöberl, Pascal Laurent, Peter Schneider, Christian Pétron, Yves Lefevre, Peter Schneider
Editing: Bea Große-Venhaus
Music: Klangraum
Narrator: Martin Schäfer, Peter Wenke, Sabine Waffender
Editor: Petra Boden, Martin Ehrmann
Website URL: www.soavi.de