Apuane, the Water Mountains

These spectacular mountains in Tuscany were born millions of years ago by a coral reef lifting out of the primitive ocean. Still today, they maintain inseparable relations to the element of water: in all its facets and forms, water surrounds and permeates the steep slopes, thus creating habitats for many different species. Their existence, however, is increasingly threatened by quarrying of the world-famous fine white marble.

Director: Valter Torri

Born in Italy in 1957, Valter Torri has been in business as computer programmer from 1979 to 2000; from 1988 to 2003 he has been working as PADI Open Water Scuba Instructor in his own diving centre too; from 2000 to this day he has been exclusively working as underwater and terrestrial photographer and filmmaker. Author of numerous naturalistic documentaries, he has been realizing films which have been broadcasted by various international broadcasters (RAI, Tele +, NDR, Canal +, NHK, etc). Several of his works have been awarded at festivals such as Festival Mondiale de l'Image Sous---marine, Ciclo Internacional de Cine Submarino, Trofeo Stambecco d'Oro, Festival de Menigoute, Sondrio FilmFestival, etc.

53 Min.
Director: Valter Torri
Script: Valter Torri
Cinematography: Valter Torri
Editing: Donatella Orlandi, Valter Torri
Music: Matteo Cremolini
Narrator: Clive Riche
Editor: DocumentAria film Sas
Website URL: www.documentariafilm.it