Chilies to the Rescue! Easing the Human - Elefant Conflict

They come at night, trample the fences and consume vast amounts of corn. Elefants have a giant appetite, leaving behind devastated farmlands. Tanzanias farmers are despairing. Even when fetching water or gathering firewood, humans and elephants clash. Conservationists are searching feverishly for methods to alleviate the conflict between man and beast. A Tanzanian researcher is developing a fence with a sharp chilli odour to drive away the gray giants.

Director: Herbert Ostwald

Filmmaker Herbert Ostwald was born 1960 in Berlin (Germany). After studying biology he decided to start journalism. He worked as a radio reporter, as an editor at an daily newspaper and wrote a book about scientific treasure rooms in Berlin. Since 1995 Ostwald creates small and long films almost about the relationship of men, nature, culture and mythology on a national and international level. "I din't want to repeat boring stories about biology of animals. There is more interesting background in relationship between people and animals." So he kept an eye on bizarre and funny stories about men and wildlife. In 1997 Ostwald was participant of the "Wildlife Filmmaking school" in Sweden. 2002 he took part in "Discovery Campus Masterschool" in Europe. For his films he got awards in USA, Germany, Poland and Slovakia. Numerous documentaries have been nominated in film competitions all over the world.

43 Min.
Director: Herbert Ostwald
Author: Herbert Ostwald
Camera: Roland Gockel, Peter Glaub
Editing: Jan Wilm Schmülling
Music: Stefan Döring
Speaker: Hildegard Meier
Editor: Ann-Christin Hornberger
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