First Flight: A Mother Hummingbird´s Story

Sometimes, the smallest thing can change your life... This enchanting film invites you to take an intimate look into the entire process of a Black-chinned Hummingbird's nest on a backyard clothesline in Las Vegas. Viewers are welcomed in to witness rare footage of egg laying and hatching from a coffee bean size egg in stunning close ups. The dedicated mom, Honey courageously fights off predators, nurturing and feeding her curious chicks, Ray and Zen as they grow into beautiful young hummingbirds. It is about the labor of love and the celebration of life from a very beautiful perspective.

Director: Don & Noriko Carroll

Noriko and Don Carroll are an internationally recognized wife-and-husband team specializing in photography and photo-illustration. For over twenty years, this creative partnership formerly based in New York City now in Las Vegas, has produced advertising media for many Fortune 500 corporations. Noriko and Don Carroll's endearing style has set them uniquely apart from most using their unparalleled vision that sheds a delicate and beautiful light on all subjects they encounter. The Carroll's continue to produce stunning visual arts.

45 Min.
Director: Don & Noriko Carroll
Script: Don Caroll, Noriko Caroll
Cinematography: Don Caroll, Noriko Caroll
Editing: Noriko Caroll
Music: Jeff Wahl, Suzanne Teng, Richard Savino, Justin Bianco, Mutadina, Anamar
Narrator: Noriko Caroll
Editor: Don Carroll, Noriko Carroll
Nominations: Best Story 2011
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