Lost Years - a Sea Turtle Odyssey

For the first time, this film reveals one of the last great mysteries of nature. It is the story of the Loggerhead Sea Turtle's extraordinary journey and its struggle to survive. Chances are low that even one of the hatchlings of a clutch succeeds in returning to land. The life of these turtles is strongly affected by overfishing, floating refuse, tourism and climatic change.

The film follows a female Loggerhead from birth over the course of 30 years.

Director: Jeremy Hogarth

52 Min.
Director: Jeremy Hogarth
Script: Jeremy Hogarth
Cinematography: Peter Nearhos, Nick Paton ACS, Ross Isaacs
Editing: Jo Nott
Music: Markus Ojala
Narrator: Barbara Lowing
Editor: Christine Carroll, Larry Zetlin
Nominations: Best Marine Film 2011
Website URL: www.gullivermedia.com.au