Red Tide - The mystery of the Poisoned Mermaids

For thousands of years, an invisible killer has been poisoning the oceans. Especially in Florida, there is an alarmingly high death rate among manatees. The red tide is a massive proliferation of microalgae. The documentary follows red tide expert Leanne Flewelling in her investigation of the unexplained causes of Florida manatee mortalities. Using the latest imaging technologies, it takes us along into the microscopic world of a predator which is neither human nor animal but a plant.

Director: Julien Naar

Back in 1998, shortly after graduating from a French business school, I was hired to be a
marketing/communications manager in the South African subsidiary of a French industrial
company. So, at 28, 5 years after completing a MSc, following a 20 month photographic trip around the world, I decided to acquire additional competencies in audiovisual technology, so I could one day produce environmentally-related educational programs, and tell compelling stories about the beautiful, fragile world we live in.
At CADASE in the south of France, I was trained in journalism and scriptwriting, camerawork
and video editing, and chose to major in the latter. In 2007, I participated in the creation of Les Films de l'Espigaou, a production structure that could harbor environmentally-related projects and produce them on an international scale.

52 Min.
Director: Julien Naar
Script: Jerome Naar, Julien Naar
Cinematography: Leo Scormorovschi
Editing: Julien Naar
Narrator: Gary Granville
Editor: Michel Jammet
Nominations: Best Postproduction 2011
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