Small World in the Apple Tree

Apple trees are nature condensed to miniature format, just around the corner on the nearest meadow. For one year, the life of all animals big and small in an apple orchard in Schleswig-Holstein was documented by Thomas Wilke's filmteam, cameraman Joachim Hinz and Prof. Urs Wyss at the stereo microscope. The team climbed the trees, flew above and into the branches with a miniature helicopter and recorded the life of creatures otherwise indiscernible to the naked eye under a stereo microscope.


Director: Thomas Willke

Author and director Tomas Wilke (born 1960) studied biology. For many years, he was on the editorial staff of the scientific journal "bild der wissenschaft". Also, he worked as a reporter, author and director of scientific TV magazines for the German third channels (public broadcasters) and 3sat. Since 2007, he produces nature and science features with his company "wissenschaft und meer"

43 Min.
Director: Thomas Willke
Author: Thomas Willke
Camera: Joachim Hinz, Urs Wyss
Editing: Lars Jordan
Music: Alexander Gress
Speaker: Michael Harck
Editor: Martin Schneider (SWR)
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