Frogs on the roof, migrate with cranes

Sweden, end of September. Cranes gather to prepare for the autumn migration. A team of young filmmakers decided to follow them during their entire journey.

Director: Maxence Lamoureux

Maxence Lamoureux
After a year studying biology at the University of Caen, Maxence follows two degrees in Modern Literature and Performing Arts. Joining the IFFCAM (wildlife flm school) in 2008 enabled him to discover a work that combines technical audiovisual with an exciting naturalist feld work. In 2010, he resumed theoretical research in Sociology, at the PhD level, to study the professional group of wildlife flmmakers in France.

Director: Arnaud Devroute Devroute

Arnaud Devroute
After earning a master's degree in flmmaking at the University of Lille II, Arnaud Devroute was active in the association Astrolab, where he could make his lines as a cameraman, editor, assistant director and director. Ten he joined the IFFCAM (the wildlife flm school), where he majored in wildlife documentary in June 2010 and a University Diploma in Wildlife Photography and Nature report in September 2010. Since he makes documentaries.

50 Min.
Director: Maxence Lamoureux, Arnaud Devroute Devroute
Script: Rodolphe Bonneau/Arnaud Devroute / Maxence Lamoure
Cinematography: Rodolphe Bonneau/Arnaud Devroute / Arnaud Devroute / /Rémi Laugier
Editing: Arnaud Devroute/Maxence Lamoureux
Music: Jean-Christophe Salaün/Lisa Jamesdaughter
Editor: Lothoff Güt